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The Florida Public Adjuster Licensing Program is the ONLY program in the nation specifically designed to meet the needs of those who wish to become a Florida public adjuster! Three (3) exceptional courses provide EVERYTHING a candidate needs to complete the necessary training in property insurance adjusting, Florida's laws and regulations for public adjusting, and unlimited practice exams to prepare for the Florida Public Adjuster Exam. 

To become a Florida public adjuster, one must, at a minimum, fulfill two major requirements: 

  • Successfully complete one of Florida's adjuster designation programs and secure one of the approved adjuster designations in accordance with F.S. 626.8651(4), thereby earning an All-Lines Adjusters License
  • Be appointed as a Public Adjuster Apprentice for at least 6 months
  • Pass the Florida Public Adjuster Exam offered by Pearson Vue on behalf of the Florida Department of Financial Services and its Bureau of Licensing.

AE21's Florida Public Adjuster Licensing Program provides everything one needs to fulfill these two requirements AND confidently prepare for and PASS the state exam. 

But we don’t stop there... 

  1. First, AE21’s “Florida Public Adjuster "CCA" Designation Course” doesn’t just fulfill  the requirement of earning an All-Lines Adjusters License; it is the leading course in Florida for Adjuster licensure and the ONLY course that provides a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding of insurance and its major lines of coverage, the role and responsibility of adjusters, and the most pivotal doctrines and practices of adjusting in today’s world of insurance. When individuals complete AE21’s “CCA” course, they know what it means to be an adjuster, and they are capable to stepping right into the shoes of responsibility as an adjuster. 
  2. Second, Florida law and regulations are strict and unforgiving regarding public adjusters, and failure to comply with these laws and regulations can quickly result in not only loss of licensure, but severe financial penalties, and in some cases, felony convictions.  AE21’s PA-specific training program, “The Laws & Rules of Florida Public Adjusting” provides the history behind Florida’s strict oversight, and then thoroughly explains and educates prospective licensees on these requirements while also providing valuable insight and advice to guide new licensees toward proper, productive, and profitable claims practices. THIS COURSE IS BEING UPDATED AND IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE
  3. Third and finally, AE21 provides the student with unlimited access to the “Florida Public Adjuster Practice Exams” that are specifically designed to mimic the official state exam, including the apportionment of questions to specific subject matter as prepared by the testing provider, Pearson Vue.  These practice exams randomly replace and mix quiz questions each time you take an exam.  This gives the student numerous opportunities to approach the material from different perspectives and conduct further research into areas that require further understanding. THIS COURSE IS BEING UPDATED AND IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

By purchasing this package, you save 20% ($105.00) off of the cost of purchasing these 3 critical courses individually.  Quite simply, there is no other comparable opportunity! (BUNDLE PACKAGE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)

Click below to view the Florida Certified Claims Adjuster Licensing Program... the first step in obtaining your Public Adjuster's license.

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Florida Certified Claims Adjuster Licensing Course

Pursuant to Florida Statute 626.8651, the first step toward securing licensure as a Florida-licensed Public Adjuster is the completion of the Certified Claims Adjuster (CCA) Designation program. Secondarily, the CCA Designation program is the finest and most comprehensive online adjuster licensing program available anywhere in the United States for learning what it means to be an adjuster, how to handle claims across all of the major lines of insurance, and what it takes to best adjuster you can be.
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