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(FLPA #83275) The Ethical Practices of a Public Adjuster- FLPA #83275(FLPA #83275) The Ethical Practices of a Public Adjuster- FLPA #83275

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Cost: $16.50 (USD)
Credits: 3
Estimated Length: 3 hour(s)
Enrollment Valid For: 3 months


This course explores the higher level ethical, moral, and professional duties and responsibilities that public adjusters owe each other, their employers, the policyholders, and others as required by the Florida Adjuster Code of Ethics, FAC §69B-220.201 and the obligations of all adjusters under Florida’s Unfair Insurance Trade Practices Act, F.S. §626.954 and Civil Remedies Provision, §626.155. The course also includes a review of the consistencies of Florida’s law with the Unfair Claims Practices Acts of Texas and North Carolina and the NAIC Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Model Regulation.

This course has been certified by the Florida Department of Financial Services for 3 Florida Public Adjuster Ethics CE under Course #83275.

 *Important! DON'T DUPLICATE YOUR EFFORTS by repeating a course you've already taken! Florida DFS only allows a course to be taken once in a three year period. If you think you may have taken the course before, just review your CE transcript by visiting My Profile on the Florida DFS website. Compare the course number to make sure that you haven't previously taken the course in the past 3 years. And don't focus on the course title! It's the course number that counts. If you're still not sure, call us first at (800) 820-4550. Your time is valuable. Don't waste it taking a course that will not count towards your current CE compliance period!


  1. The Ethical Practices of a Public Adjuster (Online Lesson)


  1. The Ethical Practices of a Public Adjuster
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