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(FLPAL&R) The Laws & Rules of Florida Public Adjusting(FLPAL&R) The Laws & Rules of Florida Public Adjusting

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The laws and rules that regulate the business of public adjusting in Florida are strict and unforgiving. There are reasons for such strict regulation; but once you learn the "why" behind these laws and rules, they are much easier to understand and embrace. In this course, you will not only learn the "why" behind these regulations, you will be exposed to all of the Law & Rules that dictate the behaviors of Florida Public Adjusters, from initial licensure to full blown "Florida-licenses" public adjusting.

Approximately 30% of the Florida Public Adjuster Exam is dedicated to these laws and rules, so you must study and study hard! Don't just try to memorize the law; try to understand what the laws are attempting to accomplish [or prevent]. The more you learn "about" these laws and regulations, the better chance you have of passing the exam no matter how they ask the questions.


James W. Greer, CPCU

President & CEO
AE21 Incorporated
16011 N. Nebraska Ave., Ste 107
Lutz, FL  33549
(800) 820-4550 


  1. Chapters 1-2: The Laws & Rules of Florida Public Adjusting (Online Lesson)
  2. Chapters 3-4:From Licensing to Advertising and Contract (Online Lesson)
  3. Chapter 5-6: A Public Adjuster's Practices, Responsibilities, and Duties (Online Lesson)
  4. Chapter 7: The Ethical Practices of a Public Adjuster (Online Lesson)
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