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(FLPA #101878) Florida 2017-2018 5-Hour Law & Ethics Update for Public Adjusters- FL#101878(FLPA #101878) Florida 2017-2018 5-Hour Law & Ethics Update for Public Adjusters- FL#101878

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Cost: $27.50 (USD)
Credits: 5
Estimated Length: 5 hour(s)
Enrollment Valid For: 3 months


Welcome to Florida's exclusive "Online" 5-Hour Law & Ethics Update, designed and approved specifically for Florida-licensed Public Adjusters. In this 2017 Update course, we'll cover laws, regulations, and ethical issues that are specific to Public Adjusters.  In order to receive credit, licensees must complete the entire course and pass a final exam with a score of 70% or higher.  All lessons must be completed in order.  The system will not allow you to jump ahead, but you can move back at any time for a review of any of the material covered.

This Public Adjuster update consists of eight (8) lessons. The final exam, which is a mandatory Florida requirement for any online course, consists of thirty (30) multiple choice questions.  But don't fret the final.  You'll find "Knowledge Checks" at the end of each chapter that will more than prepare you for it.  If you do not pass the first time, you can retake the exam until you do.  Once you've completed the course, you will be able to print your Certificate of Completion directly from the system.  Your credits will be filed with the Department, in most cases, within one business day.

Take as long as you want to complete the course...a little here, a little there...even months.  It doesn't matter, as long as you complete the course by the your CE compliance date.  That's MUCH better than sitting in a classroom for a full day!

What does the course cover?  Mandatory subject matter includes:

  • Regulatory Awareness
  • Public Adjuster Licensing & Other Requirements
  • Ethical Requirements & Market Conduct
  • Disciplinary and Industry Trends
  • Public Adjuster Insurance Law & Updates

This course has been approved for course authority CE 3-20 (Public Adjusters) under Course ID #101878 and it meets the requirements for the mandatory 5-hour course that must be taken once during each compliance period.

**NOTICE:  COURSE EXPIRES 9/25/2018!  Course completion MUST be on or before this date!



  1. Lesson 1: Regulatory Awareness (Online Lesson)
  2. Lesson 2: PA Licensing & Other Requirements (Online Lesson)
  3. Lesson 3: Ethics & Claims Practices (Online Lesson)
  4. Lesson 4: Disciplinary & Enforcement Actions (Online Lesson)
  5. Lesson 5.1: The Laws & Rules that Guide Public Adjusters (Online Lesson)
  6. Lesson 5.2: Evaluating the Repair or Replacement of Damaged Property (Online Lesson)
  7. Lesson 5.3: Florida Rules on Settlement of Claims (Online Lesson)
  8. Lesson 5.4: Pertinent Federal Law Impacting Florida Claim Professionals (Online Lesson)
  9. Final Exam (Online Lesson)


  1. Florida 2017-2018 5-Hr Law & Ethics Update for Public Adjusters
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